Why Left Lane Events Aren’t Created Equal

So Left Lane Ent. recently celebrated the 2-year anniversary of Art & Soul.


The best moment are the exceptional ones; it goes without saying that Left Lane Ent has had a plethora of exceptional moment over the past two years.

Creating a hub for Prime Tampa artists to express themselves and be heard by a wide and diverse demographic is just what makes Left Lane Ent does, (ask local Tampa Musician, Tommy Phenom if you don’t believe us).


Left Lane has been able to cultivate an entire community of Musicians, producers, poets, entrepreneurs, and visual artists with one simple yet lasting call to action.

Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 2.33.29 PM

“Tell a friend to bring a friend.”

With that effective phrase, hard work, dedication, and good music taste, They have positioned themselves as the leaders for premium entertainment in the Bay Area.

DSC02326“If it wasn’t for your support & belief in our vision, none of this would be possible.”

Jai Price





To fully understand the dichotomy of what makes Art & Soul and WLCM2KNXVLL what they are, we found a picture that should clearly depict the difference.


The Boondocks Wiki – Fandom



So just because you missed the 2-year anniversary of Art & Soul doesn’t’ mean you can slip up twice. “The world famous King Knoxygen” will be spinning on the 1’s 2’s and if you’re lucky maybe the 3’s this coming Thursday at The BendsKnox isn’t holding back any drops.


Just before you get ready for the 2-year anniversary of WLCM2KNXVLL check out our recap of the 2-year anniversary party for Art & Soul.

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Thanks for reading! Happy 4/20 Y’all!

The Best 4/20 Survival Guide Playlist via Savage City Blog

April 20th for the cannabis culture is a much bigger holiday than Christmas.  In fact, we’re sure that it’s considered as Christmas among members of this pollinated subculture. Unfortunately, smoking is still illegal in a lot of states and cities, so while it may be Christmas for some it’s just another day to others. 

We’re here to provide you with the best survival guide playlist for celebrating 4/20. Curated by Tampa rapper and music writer, YZM, the list focuses on creating that Cool ass breezy Tampa Bay vibe to match the smell of that loud pack.

Photo: Casey Jeanite

 Before we get into the guide let’s make sure you’re ready to get down to the tunes YZM is supplying.

#1 PULL UP TO MATCH UP (or don’t pull up at all).

Photo: Pinterest

While supplier of the subculture is often portrayed as a money hungry gateway pushers, many members of the subculture actually reply on an old school bartering system. So if you can’t necessarily bring bud, there are a plethora of services and goods stoners would exchange for smokies. The point is you can always bring SOMETHING to the table, don’t come empty-handed cause you will leave empty-handed, guaranteed.


This is CRITICALLY IMPORTANT, hit the corner store before you blow it down.

If you think visually overeating when you’re not high is an issue, imagine being thrown into a Walmart at peak high without a proper shopping list. You wouldn’t make it past the discounted items near the door before you dip into your car note. Whatever you do decide to eat, just make sure you decide early so you can get to the fun stuff.


Photo: ifc.com


 (Piggybacking on the things you can offer if you don’t have bud, Food is probably the one thing that will always sway a stoner.)

 Okay now that you got your supply & munchies, you seem about ready to turn up. Awesome, because we only have one more thing to go over.

 #3 The Rules

Just like any other holiday, you’ll probably want to spend it with your family (if they are into that) and friends. These cardinal rules will ensure that you guys remain family friends through the 20th. Don’t be mad at us if you get skipped in the rotation for braking too many rules.


Photo: Reddit



-DON’T MESS UP THE ROTATION. Most likely there will be a lot in the rotation, pay attention to the circle of life.

-PUFF, PUFF, PASS. This isn’t the time for one of your tbt moments.


Now let’s get into YZM’s hand-picked tunes.

Hey Savage City Blog readers, my name is YZM and I took it upon myself create The Best 4/20 Survival Guide Playlist for you guys.

5: Starting this playlist off is Forever Underground’s own Haze Ala with his smooth joint “I Don’t Rock Supreme“.


The song is not really about weed but is a smooth song to smoke to. Check out the visuals below directed by Ceesz.

4: The next joint is by Mr. Off-The-Shits himself, Save A Rowtch.

Cold As My Meals” is a chilling anthem with an even more chilling visual. The mood is set because Rowtch does not fail to let you know he has roaches to kill.

Listen to Cold as my Meals.


3: Cloudmaster Price dropped a surprisingly dope song prime for smoking. Despite cloud master being his name, you would never expect to be on this list.

The track as alternatively named L.U.S.T (Lighting Up Some Tree’s). In an effort to not be sued by Disney, Price changed the title of the track.

Peep the Big Tank assisted single below.

2: Macibision & ADCT’s Own Phaze Jones dropped a smoking anthem With S.C.A.S.W (Sugar Cookies And Some Weed)


Phaze Jones


Assisted By label mates Nico Sweet & (fun fact) ME.

Another Fun Fact: Sugar Cookies are Females. Check out the Lofi Visuals below.


1: This has to be the greatest song about weed in Tampa’s local music scene, IMO.

Sunny Fritz – The Intro


Check out how Sunny Fritz croons melodically about smoking on that dro on the intro to his mixtape HYDROGLYPHICS.

Honorable Mentions:

Richie Gaupo: Throwed

Milli Moon: Aerie (Blue Dream)

Tyrell Golden: Bitter Sweet

Mari So Dope: Chillin’ Up

Wheatly: Temper

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Money Monday: Is Family Still A Key To Success?

As always every Monday we are back with creative marketing tips for all the creative entrepreneurs out there.

This week, the always lovely and insightful Qualah discussed the benefits of expanding your business with family. She also outlined several free/ low-cost way to market your business.

Check out Qualah’s Money Monday Video below and head over to her site VicariouslyMeTv.com for more tips and tools that will help your business flourish.

Today on Money Monday I decided to share a video. In the video we will discuss Why its important to involve your family and friends when build, growing, and running your business. We will also touch base on a few ways to market your business for FREE or Affordable rates. In this video You will […]

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Look: Why the weekend is more about having a good time than worrying about bad weather.

This past weekend while 50% of Tampa were nestled away under a blanket Netflixing the hum drum weather away, a few wavemakers around the bay decided to drum up some excitement.

Left Lane Ent brought hip hop back to Fubar in with a “bang”, or should we say a “boom bap”? The line up included Tampa Bay native Tony Handz along with other acts such as Singer/Comedian/Public  Personality, Charlie G & the proclaimed St. Pete breath of fresh air, Cano J Bond. All of whom delivered phenomenal performance.

Can’t wait to see what Left Lane Ent is going to do for their Art & Soul 2 year anniversary but in the meantime, we (*you) can check out this photo recap from straight from DTSP.

Tony Handz @ Fubar
Charlie G @ Fubar

Charlie G @ Fubar
L-Quote @ Fubar
Tony Handz @ Fubar
Tony Handz @ Fubar
Tony Handz @ Fubar
Tony Handz @ Fubar
Charlie G @ Fubar
Charlie G @ Fubar

Dabron Kain @ Fubar
Dabron Kain @ Fubar
Toast up with the gang.
L-Quote @ Fubar
L-Quote @ Fubar
L-Quote @ Fubar
L-Quote @ Fubar
L-Quote @ Fubar
Cano J Bond @ Fubar
Cano J Bond @ Fubar
Mac 11 @ Fubar
Mac 11 @ Fubar
Mac 11 @ Fubar

The words traps don’t always seem too inviting unless of course, you throw the word “Art” in front. Then you may just be on to something. This past Sunday Come Up king, Phaze Jones hosted Art Trap 3.

Armed with some of the most creative and fashion-forward minds of the bay area, Art Trap even in its toddler years opens the door for a variety of talent to benefit from have media highlighting and a platform to showcase and sell their work.

Highlights from this year’s vendors included:

• Tiffany sees
• Goon Gals
• Tay.Ism
• Zaysmtth
• Cloud 10

If you weren’t there to purchase anything you can definitely still check out our photo recap.

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Recap: Lil Boost Mobil’s “Still Didn’t Make It” EP Release Party – Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn’s underground celebrates the successes of its hardest working artists. This past Friday, Lil Boost Mobil released his sophomore EP, titled Still Didn’t Make Itindependently put out via Boost Gang Records. He also celebrated his birthday. The show consisted of multiple artists (NAO, Lil Wave, Fireman Band$) most of whom are friends of Boost or known affiliates.  Other artists from the scene alike popped out to give the homie some love. Find the project on Spotify, Soundcloud, or Apple Music and take a look at some highlights from the event:




photos by Luke Lauren

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Watch: Fr33dback Fucks Shit Up in Focal Point

Tampa’s Matt Reisinger aka Fr33dback just dropping a ridiculous slo-mo video for his single “Focal Point“.  The visual is getting attention from some major Tampa players like the fine people over at Creative Loafing Tampa and our favorite watering hole, Crowbar.

There’s about ten seconds from 00:57 to 01:07 that looks like a new Apple Airpods commercial (which we love). Don’t worry we about to make some calls to Apple and you know grease some palms and shake some elbows.

You know we had to post about it and see how you guys like taking things slow for a bit. So check out the video, check out CL article featuring a Cigar City Radio Podcast session with Fr33dback and let us know what you think about Fr33dbacks new video. Were you as worried about the synth as we were?

Check out Fr33dbacks “Focal Point” now 

Listen, if you are feeling this video spam this guy and let him know!!!!

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Money Mondays With Qualah

It’s another Monday, so you know what that means,

We are Back! …on our hustle, of course, and who better to lead us into the week ahead than Artist and Entrepreneur, Shaqualah “Qualah” Akita.

Check out Qualahs 5 Ways to Market Your Business Online Article + Video. This woman is ridiculously insightful so don’t miss out.


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