Hey, my name is Casey Jeanite. I am a mass communication student at The University of South Florida majoring in magazine journalism. My biggest goal right now is to graduate, go to Japan and teach english. Aside from my urge to become a Japanese english teacher, I have a passion for music.

I’ve always view music as a sense. Just as the smell of fresh baked cookies may remind you of your mother, or watching the moon reminds you of a lover. Music appeals to an individual’s sympathies and imagination. I think it’s lovely how a sound can make a person nostalgic or bring them deeper into a moment

Recently I was approached by director Joseph Rodriguez  to score a short film for, an opportunity that  I never thought would happen. So I created Savagecityblog to strength my ability to match sounds to atmosphere. I will be posting music playlists to match different time periods throughout daily life.  Playlist will not limited to genre and I will also be accepting suggestion for playlist. 

Hopefully all goes well with the film, I will also keep you guys posted on everything happening with that project. Well, I think thats it until the next song.

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