Big Prefest 2 Playlist

The Big Prefest 2 has come and gone for the folks of Tampa, but for those “Festers” traveling to Gainesville for Fest 13 I assure you, theses band have one hell of a weekend planned for you.

Over the last two days the street of Ybor has been a mix of both musicians and fans alike moshing, head banging, and spilling Pasbt Blue Ribbon wherever possible. Prefest brought together a community of music lovers and provided the local rockers with the chance to enjoy some of their favorite punk acts locally. You could literally hear music pouring out in to the streets as bands would play their sets and then rush off to go watch their favorite band play a set.

With over 50 bands playing at different venues along the Ybor strip it would’ve been impossible to see them all, but I created this playlist based on my own Big Prefest experience. Some of the artists on this list are new favorites (to me) like Somos who’s live show complete won me over as a fan and some artists are old favorite, Kind of like Spitting for example.

Regardless Prefest was awesome and I’m seriously jealous of the anyone is going to Fest 13. The line up looks sick, more bands than Prefest, and once again all the Pasbt Blue Ribbon you can spill. Make sure you guys Catch Restorations at 8 seconds on Sunday and Screaming Females at The Wooly on Friday if you get a chance to, I promise you won’t regret it.

Big Prefest 2 Playlist 

Somos – “Dead Wrong”

Restorations – “New/Old”

Self Defense Family – “Not considered a Flight Risk”

Tiltwheel – “Fuck You This Place Is Dead Anyways”

Wolf-Face – “I wanna be a HOMO(SAPIEN)”

PUP – “Guilt Trip”

Kind of like Spitting“Birds of a Feather”

Laura Stevenson and The Cans – “Master of Art”

Screaming Females – “Wishing Wells”

The Menzingers – “I Don’t Wanna Be An Asshole Anymore”

PS: Wolf-Face has a link up for free downloads of their new album “Still a Son of a Bitch” on their Facebook page but only through Fest 13 weekend so make sure you guys download that while it’s still available.

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