Restorations Interview

Recently I had the opportunity to interview Jon Loudon and Ben Pierce of Restorations. We talked about their new album LP3, Lorde, and a little something call the “French pyramid”.

LP3 is the third consciously named album from this Philadelphia punk rock quintet. Lead vocalist Jon Loudon says, “We’re just playing a little more confidently, so the songs are stronger now”.

Embracing what they are good at seems to be a big factor on LP3. From the opening track “Wales” Dave Klyman and his guitar seem almost enlightened. As you fade in to Klyman’s parallel dimension Dan Zimmerman infectious bass lines is along guiding your ears towards freedom.

“Misprint” is Loudon’s favorite track. He claims it deserves a “Slow Mosh” and I couldn’t agree more. A chill swell is delivered as Loudon’s lyrics move you towards feelings of forgotten adolescence. LP3 shows new growth from the band and with a world tour on the horizon Restorations plans to keep moving faster than 0.014m mph.

To purchase LP3 or to find out more about the band visit their website:

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