Warm Head Playlist

Under the weather? All you wanna do is sit(nay) lay in bed all day?

I completely sympathize with you as I have taken my own personal leave from life off to rest. While laying DEEP within my blanket, hiding from any hints of Sun. I long for the sound of rock and roll but having to reserve my energy I try not to get amped up, mostly because I can barely get up. I thought this post rock playlist would be the perfect cure, at least for the ears. As far as the rest of the body is concerned lots of fluids and rest should do the trick. But until we do feel better, heres to warm heads and even warmer beds.

Pretend – Through the Snow

His Hideous Heart – It’s A Weird Time To Be Alive, Right?

Selfkill – 媽媽 我考試考100分

聲子蟲 (Bugs of Phonon)-津梅棧橋  (Jin-Mei Bridge)

惘闻 (Wang Wen) – 污水塘

Frames – Don’t Stay Here

Mogwai – Take Me Somewhere Nice

Little Dragon – Twice

Air – Alone In Kyoto

Motionless – She Got Lost In The Observatory

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