Screaming Females Interview : Yeasting in Ybor

As we talked to the New Jersey trio it’s hard to describe Screaming Females and not use the phrase “A Million Bucks”.

After climbing into their tour van to start the interview it becomes evident that Screaming Females isn’t just a band, they’re bond is familial. DNA aside they are affiliated by the same consumption of ups and downs and boundless loyalty shared by any siblings.

Amongst touring, promoting their new singles “Wishing Well” and “Ripe” and dealing with personal obstacles the band remains appreciative about making music with each other. Jarret Dougherty, King Mike and Marissa Paternoster plan to leave nothing unsaid as they work on a new album Rose Mountain.

“When is Rose Mountain coming out?”

“Very soon”  – King Mike. (2/24/15 from Don Giovanni Records to be exact)

So why “a million bucks”?

They work hard, they are very connected and dedicated to one another. But above all, nothing can hold Screaming Females down. I can’t wait until Rose Mountain drops, “Wishing Well” shows another shade of Screaming Females. While some may find the track to be a bit more family friendly then they are used to from Screaming Females, they should note that the band talent isn’t glued to any set genres.  With that in mind the song is a sweet, catchy, and mostly still has that Screaming Females color.

To pre-order Rose Mountain or to find out more about the band visit their website: Screaming Females

Links to bands mentioned during the interview:

John E. Combat and the Junglefucks

Werewolves of Pittsfield

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