Since June of 2013 Lauren Morgan and Jordan Shih of SALES have released a series of poppy singles gaining recognition for their infectious sound.

SALES EP sounds bred from the late 90’s indie scene. Mixing guitar music, hip hop samples, and spacey vocals provided by Lauren. SALES EP is so….. Cozy, each track feels like a favorite until you hear the next. Even then you want to linger with melodies.

Favorite tracks are “Chinese New Year” and “Getting It On.

Hard choice to make I tell you.

Chinese New Year” screams new life and new love. Properly titled the track is catchy and hopeful.

“How could I be so wrong?”

Getting It On” is a great example of the levels of music SALES is able to produce. Perfectly blending samples with guitars to create a melodic head space suitable for the anguish of not being able to save love.

Catch SALES live December 14th @ The Mandarin Hide – St Petersburg, Fl.

Check out SALES EP here!!!


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