Benjamin Booker at Hogan’s Beach 12/05/14

97x has always provided a chance for music lover from around the Tampa Bay area to go to concerts for free. Sometimes winning tickets to a shows is as simple as going bowling to taking a selfie. Thanks 97x and their NEXT BIG THING concert series the bay will be flooded with live music throughout the first weekend of December.

Picture of Hulk Hogan hanging at Hogans Beach Tampa.
Picture of Hulk Hogan hanging at Hogans Beach Tampa. (Image by Casey Jeanite)

Benjamin Booker returns to Tampa 12/05/14 to start 97x’s NBT pre-party properly at Hogan’s Beach.
It has only been a few weeks since the Tampa native performed at Coral Skies Fest here in Tampa but with his world tour starting in Australia next month playing another show in the bay seems fitting.

Being that it is first week of December and Benjamin Booker is returning to Tampa to perform, I thought a Benjamin Booker debut Vinyl + Digital download giveaway would be a great way to start off the holiday season. Booker’s debut self-titled album has been receiving rave review for it raw blues punk rock vibe. Booker has even received an endorsement from rock legend Jack White for his fiery explosive sound. If Bookers sound hints towards what his performance at Hogans beach will be like than you better have your helmets strapped and seat belts fastened for one of those most electrifying shows you’ve ever seen.


Stage set up @ Hogan's Beach
Stage set up @ Hogan’s Beach. (Images by Casey Jeanite)

Hogan’s Beach has great indoor and outdoor dining options. The waterfront hotspot also offer cool VIP areas outside so you can catch the show while watching the sunset all from the comfort of you VIP area.

Waterfront @ Hogan's Beach
Waterfront @ Hogan’s Beach (Image by Casey Jeanite)

For more information about 97x’s NBT.

Watch a Benjamin Bookers KEXP Full Performance here.

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