Creature of Habit – Pilgrimage album

Couple months ago during a conversation a friend and I were having about music. I mentioned some post-rock music, bands, etc. and he got all excited. I didn’t see it over the phone but i could hear it clearly in his tone. The excitement when you get to introduce a friend to a band you already love in hope that they will love them too. Yes, that excitement. I could hear it in his voice as he began to tell me about his favorite post-rock band, Pilgrimage.

Pilgrimage he mentioned, planned to release an album very soon and how he couldn’t wait until they first show after the released the album.  We talked a bit more about music, life, more music and end our phone conversation, Fast forward about 5 months to me, at a reasonably late none the less, Finally listening to that very LP, Creature of Habit.

Creature of Habit is Pilgrimages’ first LP. Their melodies are as experimental as they are lyrics are authentic. Favorite tracks like “Changes” and “Wasting Youth” perfectly blend amounts of jazzy progressions with some rather impressive drum work while never straying from punk roots. Creature of Habit is an impressively well put together album. To anyone even remotely interested in post-rock, math rock, experimental- rock,  7/8, 11/8, or 13/8 time signature type music. Just like that friend recommended Pilgrimage to me, I recommend them to you (only don’t take forever to go listen to them).

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