Wish Around – Swim EP

Heres what is known , Luke, Gio, Mario, Doug and George form Wish Around. Wish Around is a band from Pembroke Pines, Fl. (a little out of our region but local none the less). Wish Around released Swim EP and Swim EP is such a great EP. Therefore Luke, Gio, Mario, Doug, and George released an amazing EP. Kudos, Boys.

Swim EP tracks  “Super Bloom” and “Wondrously Blue” are big chorus, fuzzy, shoegaze songs that are in my opinion, irresistible. In the same respect Swim EP seems perfect for a drive, which become evident by track number two entitled “Spinning Always”. A track, I am convinced is made specially for night driving, Wish Arounds swelling guitars are giveaways to the exit-less euphoric highway you have just embarked. Once again, Kudos.
Fun Fact: You can also walk, run, jump, hop, skip, flip, sit, and swim to Wish Arounds’ Swim EP. I don’t think they would mind if you keep Swim EP spinning, always. Link to Wish Around and their Swim EP below.

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