UFO SEX SCENE – Mothership Loveshack

Never before has ambient punk beauty sounded like UFO SEX SCENE.

At first look their bandcamp might say Kansas but I can assure you that UFO SEX SCENE is as local as it gets. From the streets of St. Pete UFO SEX SCENE is “heavy” as Big Mama Cass from The Mamas and The Papas would so eloquently phrase it.
UFO SEX SCENE’s Mothership Loveshack album at times sounds like psychedelic grooves its being beamed directly in to your head use neuropathic waves, then aburtly you’re launched in to the grittier, harsher, nosier side of UFO SEX SCENE.
The layers of synths, layers on Vanessa Whirlynn Garica, (whose middle named is Whirlynn), and layer of funky guitar riffs, all just from the opening Track, “C-Rex”. Sonically the album is developed well, catchy guitar phrasing, cathedral like oohing and ahhing, and relentless precision on the percussion front.
Mothership Loveshack is indeed a psychedelic journey into sound is also a funky one. Track 6 and possibly my favorite track of Mothership Loveshack, “Andromeda”.From the opening riff it is super clear, this band experimental nature is of the intelligible realm. Garcias voice literally haunt the funk out of this song, in the best possibly way and in only such a way the UFO SEX SCENE can do. There is a link provided below for more of UFO SEX SCENE music, check them out online or live this Saturday at The Bends in St. Pete.
UFO SEX SCENE will be performing Saturday September 19th @ The Bends Three Year Anniversary Party in St. Pete.

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