The Dead Weather- Dodge(d) and burn(ed)

A recent article from the Consequence of Sound has me feeling dodged and burned. Reasons why this article about The Dead Weather is killing me.

1.”First performance by The Dead Weather in nearly five years.”

2.”Making the gig even more special, the band has said they won’t be touring behind the new LP, Dodge and Burn.”

3. Jack White is still on an “extended touring hiatus.”

Why am I writing this? Well Alison Nicole Mosshart is from Vero Beach, Florida and I love the bluesy rock sound that The Dead Weather creates, chills travel down my spine listening to their music. So this is similar to a neighbor asking for another neighbor for a favor.(PLEASE TOUR FLORIDA)

I can’t wait until Dodge and Burn is out September 25th via Third Man Records, but realizing I won’t be able to see them perform again is disheartening. Hopefully Jack White hears my plead comes off hiatus and The Dead Weather stops in Tampa on their tour. A blogger can dream, can’t he? (TOUR FLORIDA)

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