Why St. Pete is on top right now???

1. “I can think clearly now, my mind is gone.” Says St. Petes “One-woman Punk Musical Army”, Soapbox Soliloquy. As Jasmine Deja of Soapbox Soliloquy teams with Miami’s flamboyant garage-punk band Plastic Pinks to release “Plastic Soap, Pink Box” the ultimate in experimental musical transcendence. There is a link to the collaboration down below.

2. Soapbox Soliloquy was also named Best of the Bay Critics Pick “Best One-Woman Punk Musical Army”.( Congrats.)

3. Along with team up with Soapbox Soliloquy in the name of musical justice, Plastic Pink will be Performing at The Bends in St. Pete tomorrow night. The show will include local acts Sonic Graffiti and Part Time/Models, who weren’t able to perform last time this show was schedule but I’m more than sure they are planning to make up for the missed occasion with a more than stellar performance.

4. Theres one more important detail I’m forgetting… oh yeah that show I mentioned tomorrow night, its FREE!!!!!! (Sorry Garcia, had to use my exclamation points.)

Plastic Soap, Pink Box


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Web: Plastic Pinks | Sonic Graffiti | Part Time/Models

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