“The only thing better than Fest is when you can get a little taste of Florida’s best underground punk festival right in your own city. With Pre-Fest 3 and Fest 14 now just a bit more than a month away, festival organizers are starting to host the volunteer sign ups for both events. For Pre-Fest, the only sign up opportunity will be on Monday night at The Orpheum.”

Via 0warning.


This is one of those give a little get a little situations of in this case give a little get a lot. Signing up to volunteer now could save a lot on cash flow, especially with opportunities to receive free tickets to Fest 14 in Gainesville for select volunteers.

Heres some interviews we got to do with some of these amazing band from Big Pre-Fest in Little Ybor 2 last year.

Special thanks to Joseph Rodriguez from Resonate who none of this would have been possible with out.


Screaming Females

Also heres this Kind of Like Spitting when they preformed at the Crow Bar during last years Big Pre-Fest in Little Ybor.

Video credit: Mike Plante.

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