Toro Y Moi @ State Theater

The show was sold out. The room was crowded. Between feet, flyers, cigarette buds and plastics cups clutter and there were grooves, funky ones. Type of grooves that would ignite the entire State Theater dance floor into a frenzy this past Friday night. This was Toro Y Moi  in St. Pete.

Fans grooved and swayed to many hits from Causers of this to What For? with bits from Toro Y Moi’s other records in between.
Toro Y Moi @ State Theater
Toro Y Moi @ State Theater
The highlight came a fan or should I say fans. located in the nose bleeds, then fan at the left side of the stage, then from the right, yelling “New Beat”. And sure as a college students will wait until Tuesday night to start a paper due Wednesday, the band starts playing “New Beat”. The floor rumbled like an earthquake from the low end from the bass, handrails shook people holding, jumping on to and smacking their hands against them mimicking drummer, Patricks relentless beat. Hips, legs, arms and heads swung into action and the rest is history.
For Aaron Brooks, the Toro Y Moi show was a sign that artists still care about their fans. Returning to the stage after an hour and a half performance Chaz and the guys deliver amazing encore performance to end the night on a high note. “I can’t believe he came out and played an encore just cause we were shouting for it. Thats how you can tell he cares about his fans.” said Brooks.

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