Toro Y Moi Continued. What For?

Revisiting What For? after Toro Y Moi’s show at the State Theater.

Everything is different about What For? and we should’ve saw it coming. For those fans quietly waiting for Anything in Return II to drop, you can keep waiting and in the mean time enjoy What For? for exactly what it is, another Toro Y Moi album.

The difference between a good artist and a great artist is their abilities to transcend genres to produce a suburb product. Soon after the release of What For? Toro Y Moi dropped Samantha, a mixtape which features collaborations from Rome Fortune, Das Racist’s KOOL A.D. and Washed Out. But What For? is still all Toro. Guitar driven, poppy, and smooth. The question remains how good is the album?
Toro Y Moi latest album What For? comes with mixed reviews. Those dedicated to the funky sexy smooth style of Anything in Return and Underneath the Pine may have overlooked Toro Y Moi June 2009 album. What For? maybe Burdicks return to his lo-fi indie bedroom roots. Check out “Girl Problems” from June 2009.
Only two months after releasing Anything in Return Burdick told Rolling Stone that he was getting bored of doing r&b and funk.
“So I’m trying to see exactly, where it can go from there,” said Burdick. What For? is where it goes. Just as personal as Toro’s other works, Bundick expresses a sense of real world problems on tracks like “Lilly”. As Usual Bundick takes adult feelings to another level, lyrics like “Every day is like this, no one gets no where. Every day is like this, no one gets nothing,” capturing the empty feeling on foregone nostalgia.
Another favorite track from What for? is “Buffalo”. The melody is reminiscent of something Steely Dan would create. Then the chorus or the sweet part hits and takes over any delusions that What For? isn’t a Toro Y Moi Album. Bundick knows where the nerves are and how to hit them.

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