Behind the scene.

In this segment we take a look at the movers and shakers behind the music scene here in Tampa and St.Pete. I couldn’t think of a better way to start off than with Matt K.
My name is Matt K, I’m originally from St.Pete Florida but I live in NYC & Brooklyn for 11 years. I currently am back in St.Pete. I moved back here in 2012 to open up The Bends bar with some of my friends I grew up skateboarding with.
I’ve been involved in booking shows since 2002 when I moved to New York. But it all started for me going to shows in St.Pete and Tampa when I was young. Seeing punk and hardcore shows at The Blue chair, 403 chaos, and club Detroit in the late 90s.
Finding new music and new energy always drives me. I love being able to have a place that can host new and original music that I’m Into. St.Pete and Tampa scenes have always had a strong underground presence and they are only growing stronger. There are so many amazing local acts right now. I love Veiny Hands, Sonic Graffiti, Pleasures, Permanent Makeup, and Archaic Interest just to name a few.
Best show I’ve seen lately was getting to see Thee Oh Sees at Crowbar. They are absolutely amazing live. I’m just constantly trying to keep bringing good music to St.Pete, Been hosting a bunch of shows with Miami bands lately. The Plastic Pinks are so fucking good and there last show with Sonic Graffiti and Part Time/Models was one of the best and most fun nights we’ve ever had. Keep a look out at The Bends Instagram and Facebook we do free shows pretty much every week. We all just grew up loving music art and skateboarding and we just want to keep it moving forward and positive.
Keeping it positive indeed, today is Matt’s birthday so feel free to stop by the Bends Facebook page and leave him a birthday shoutout.
Visit: The Bends | 919 1st Ave N, Saint Petersburg, Florida 33705

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