Behind The Scene1

In the segment of Behind The Scene we look at August Petska a fan volunteering for the good of Tampa scene.
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“This is my Favorite time of year”, said Petska a USF junior majoring in secondary science education and a volunteer in this years Big Pre-Fest in Little Ybor. Big Pre-Fest in Little Ybor is a 2-day expansion of Fest in Gainesville. This was third year that over 80 Bands played in different venues in Ybor City. As the streets of Ybor City fill with punk fans anxiously waiting for Fest, Petska remembers a three years back when wanting to go to Fest but the price was pretty steep. Shortly after moving to Tampa he discovered he could volunteer at Big Pre-Fest to gain free admission to Fest, he was ecstatic. The right move indeed.
Through his volunteer work over the last three years he has been able attend to Fest for free. This year his volunteer work took him through all five days of Big Pre-Fest and Fest. Petska and other fan volunteers were been a big part in putting together this years festivities from putting up posters all over Ybor and USF campus to providing venue owners with extra hands and even recruiting more USF students to volunteer.
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“A couple people have called me out on my shirt and it’s always at the last place you expect to meet USF punks. The library”, Petska chuckled. He had been advising students to volunteer for Big Pre-Fest for months. One new volunteer, USF foreign exchange student Marylin Brraza from Venezuela, who Petska recruited through the USF class of 2017 Facebook page also gained the opportunity to go Fest thanks to her contribution. Petska admits he loves the underground feel of the Big Pre-Fest compared to Fest although Big Pre-Fest grows bigger each year.
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“Its Great for Ybor, thats the thing about Fest and Pre-Fest. There’s more international people that come out than Floridans. This is their vacations and thats why this has been such a perfect pairing.“ said Petska. One of the biggest perks this year for Petska volunteering is he is finally busting his stage-managing cherry. Along with being able to finally achieving his personal goal of attending all five days of Big Pre-fest and Fest he was able to stage manage at The Atlantic Nightspot during Fest. Once again congratulation Petska, I’m sure you had an amazing time. #ForeverFest
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