How SunGhost brought Miami Vibes to the Bay.

Last Thursday I witnessed SunGhost, a Miami surf rock band give the audience at The Bends a show they won’t be soon forget. One audience member Christian, a student at Stetson University College of Law came out to The Bends because he heard there would live music. By the time Christian left the Bends you could see how throughly impressed he was with SunGhost performance.

SunGhost, a four piece sun-drenched garage rock band from south Florida. If you’re into aggressive yet positive surf rock for the soul than maybe you should check out SunGhost. Their new single Polterguy should satisfy you ears appetite.

SunGhost played before St.Pete local Ska Band UNRB. During their set they handed out incense, they jumped on and off amps or anything that seemed stable enough to handle their explosive style and overall they put the crowd in a good mood. But creating vibes is what SunGhost is all about so if you have a chance to see them while they are on their tour I recommended it. You can catch them playing at Vintage Tap in Delray Beach on November 20th as they continue their tour.

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