A Samurai’s Goodbye

How does Tampa say goodbye to some hometown heroes? by selling the f*ck out of Crowbar.

The Samurai Shotgun Riptide album release party at Crowbar was sold out. With performances from Mighty Jai, Rising Down and Queen of Ex, just to name a few, Crowbar last night was for lack of better word “lit”. But it wasn’t just Crowbar that was filled with samurai support, love for the shotgun could be seen all throughout the streets of Ybor.


One of the highlights of the party was a song featuring Queen of Ex and Sen from Bangarang. The pandemonium grew rapidly as the two of emcees laid down a high energy performance with Samurai Shotgun. I nearly sh*t my pant when Queen of Ex grabbed the mic.

As the Samurai set to embark on another adventure filled move to Atlanta, we know that they will carry and represent the Tampa Bay area to the highest honor. Embracing everything that comes their way with grace, humility, and an open mind because that’s what a samurai does.


One more very important thing, We will see Samurai Shotgun at Afropunk this year no matter what.




More more photos check out NeatPhotoBlah.

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