Watch & Listen: Richie Guapo Interview

Stepping away from the west coast sounds of his first Album Project LA, Richie Gaupo, keeps it trill on with his sophomore follow up Screwed Up.

Gaupo has admitted to being heavily inspired by the slowed down, chopped and screwed Houston sound. As much as his numerous trips to H-town have helped him draw out Houston’s true screwed up culture, it was his unwavering love for Dj Screw which truly inspired Gaupo’s direction on Screwed Up.

While tracks “Nightmares” and “Teched Out” are my personal favorites, many Tampa artists, from Phaze Jones to Ayo’ Lori, have agreed that Screwed Up’s Apex comes from the effortlessly smooth collaboration on “Bout That Action” featuring Wheatly & Haze Ala.

Gaupo : It originally started out just me and Wheatly, He came up with the hook for it. Then I needed the right sound, so I hit up Yung Seven for a beat. I knew it was missing something, Me and Haze, we real cool, so I hit him up.

The trippy washed out background samples paired with Guapo’s laid back style works perfectly on the track. As the three emcees maneuver through their verses to a finish line guitar riff, the pinging and lingering piano phrases make it nearly impossible to listen to the track only once.

If you don’t know who Richie Guapo is then you’ve been beyond absent. Listen to Screw Up from Richie Gaupo

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