Watch: Travis Lavoe

Among the constant hustling and bustling during our New York trip, I had the pleasure of meeting one of the world’s funniest m*therf*ckers, Travis Lavoe.

Travis Lavoe w/ rap lyricist Poison Pen

Throughout the trip Lavoe kept the good times rolling with his off the wall sense of humor purely based on observation of the New York culture. When we weren’t seconds away from splitting a rib for laughing, we were being finessed by his wordsmith capabilities.

Lavoe is one-half of the dynamic duo Audio Artwork along with Marv Illest. His passion for music leaves him to flowing between the Hip-hop and r&b. Since the trip, Lavoe has shown constant support for SavageCityBlog or as he would say “Sophisticated Savage” it’s only fitting the support flows both ways.

Never too much sauce for Lavoe

Check out some of the ridiculous Lavoe footage from the Young Parisians take over trip. Remain alert cause you never know when Lavoe is going surprise you. Most importantly to the pigs, FREE LAVOE.


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