Watch: Bangarangs – Jose Gaspar

You know that song that you hear, names a bunch of places you know and you’re like “omg I know that places”.  “Jose Gaspar” is that song.

Letting you know exactly where they are from and how they get down, Bangarang drops, An unofficial anthem for local traditions, Jose Gaspar.

Named after the apocryphal Spanish pirate and last of the Buccaneers, the video features Senyo, Tyson, Wes, Devon, Alex and Arsenio of Bangarang mobbing through a variety of culture soaked bay area locations.

From Crowbar to Gaspar’s Grotto, to cruising down 275 and back up to the SPoT, Bangarang has definitely represented Tampa’s fascination with lightning, warm sunny days and pulp stories about hidden treasures.

Maybe we are all pirates after all.

Check out Galaxy Dust from Bangarang today.

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