Watch: Who is Brit Asher?

Catch up with Young Parisian, Brit Asher as she gives us a dose of her southern comfort.

Brit Asher becoming one with the New York scenery.

From her rhymes to her lashes, Asher keeps it real. Proud, buoyant and sauced, Asher is a southern emcee at its finest. Asher’s music fits both her spirit and style. It’s chill yet oozes of cool.

Brit Asher and Drew ” Mowglii” Brown: sauced

Filled with the vibrant energy of the big apple, wine glass in hand with the pinky out, Asher sat down with Young Parisian CEO and co-founder, Beyobe And local fashion guru, Proper Jones, and me to discuss her overall experience in the big apple.


Wine glass with the pinky out.

Watch her represent the bay, Young Parisians, and R.a.r.e. media at Arlene’s grocery.


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