Listen: Young 40- Cass’ Song

Like a large number of the Tampa Bay artists, Johnny Young 40 Conforti started the new year in good spirits. Focusing on a number of upcoming projects for the new year, however, it may be a track from last year that’s pushing 40 to grind even more than imaginable in 2017.


The track is “Cass’ Song“, a three-minute tribute to Cassidy Clark, a close friend and longtime as an avid supporter of 40’s artistic endeavors.

40 met Jordan Clark in freshmen year of high school, the two soon became best friends. Cassidy was Jordans’ older brother. It wasn’t too long after meeting that a mutual respect began to grow between the freshmen 40 and the upperclassman Cassidy.

While bored in class, 40 would spend his time writing bars. As his love for the poetry of hip hop expanded so did his support system. By the time he found boom bap, 40 was sold that hip-hop was the life for him. Soon, 40 started putting his work out, collaborating and performing. He vividly remembers always seeing Cassidy face in the crowd.

“He was older than us, but the fact that he just supported us, that was just a blessing. He’d be out there till one in the morning just to watch us perform for like six minutes,“ 40 said.


Cassidy made sure his family at home, as well as out on the stage, had a strong backing. 40 wanted to make sure that his family knew that he is remembered properly. Eager to pay his respect, he started writing “Cass’ Song”. Looking pass his sorrow to create an uplifting vibe, 40 linked up with C Mac for a feature that would fully embody Cassidy’s exuberant energy.

“That’s just the way of life, you chose your happiness, your negative, your sunlight. It’s just really about how you approach life and your perspective on it. We all have a choice to do it, and I chose to just find the positive things. I do grief and shit like that but I always try to find the light in the darkness. I just wanted something really positive. And the chorus really came out dope it made me want to flex,” 40 said.

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