Watch: Artis Shi

You can take the girl out of Tampa but you can’t take the Tampa out of the girl. Artis Shi proves why Tampa is the best. From her cut close to home rhymes to her soulful harmonizing, Artis Shi is all in one type artist.


Now just weeks into the new year the crazy, sexy, cool r&b goddess prepares heads back to New York for ‘iwrite’ song write showcase on Jan. 24th.

New York might have just gotten a glimpse of the Tampa spirit during the Young Parisian Take Over tour but now they get some deliciously savory seconds of the creative juices flowing from the bay.

We here at SavageCityBlog are beyond proud of Artis Shi and all her accomplishments and we’ll be waiting for her return with open arms and a hot plate of Cuban food.  Go show New York how we do it in the port.

I guess I couldn’t end this without saying “gang gang”. Watch Artis Shi NYC experience.

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