The Corner Store

A lot of times artists feel weird about asking for donations to help pursue their dreams. They feel they have the support system but they feel bad soliciting money and giving supporters nothing in return. They struggle to save for equipment and justify the hardship with the thought of winning despite the lack of resources. Let’s face it, everyone loves an underdog story, no matter how under the dog is.

With the way that the world moves nowadays artists can no longer be just artists. Instead, they have to also take one the roles of managers, promoters, lawyer, photographer, and graphic designer. While it’s a commendable achievement to be your own team, it’s nearly impossible to thrive. That’s where most artists starve their dream.

The Corner Store focuses on letting the artist be the artist.

How, Sway?


The Corner Store works by teaming up with artists to provide tangible goods for consumers at a reasonable price. The goods range from t-shirts, tote bags to even coffee mugs and signature prints. The company collaborates with artists to creative exclusive pieces and then provided the marketplace for the artist to sell and receive a commission on their product.


Artists can now showcase and sell their work, make money, and not feel as if their creativity is being stifled by financial constraints.

Say bye to not being able to pay for studio time,

Bye to not having enough funds to travel,

Bye to not having enough for the new piece you’ve been working on,

and bye to the “starving artist”.

Check Out The Corner Store now and find out how you can purchase and/or collaborate today.

It’s a creative field… go play in it.

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