Watch: Young Parisians Take Over: L.A. edition Part 2

The Lo-Fi event presented by DeadBird and Eye Level Entertainment was without a doubt… dope. I truly mean dope in every sense of the word.


The best in California’s urban art scene, along with refreshing beverages, outstanding performances from bay area rappers alike and a one of a kind experience of Californiacating within a friendly atmosphere, attendees at the Lo-Fi event indulged in it all._dsc6538

Half way though the event Mike Mass announced that the event space was indeed herb friendly and within a matter of moments nearly everyone in the audience had some cali good good in one hand and a lighter in the other. The energy in the room seemed to instantly elevate, for a lack of a better term.

But besides getting “lifted” I really thinking the highlight of the Lo-fi event was the return of Travis Lavoe. The Young Parisian was released from jail and was on a flight to L.A. in less than 24 hours.

“No more Free Lavoe, Lavoe free now.”



He landed just in time to catch some to turn up with acts Deezy Wee the Reaper, Ash Riser, Vern Senior, Vinny Virgo and more.

Watch as The Young Parisians put the love first with at their Lo-Fi event in L.A.

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