Embrace The Wine: Embrace the Rhyme.

If you were at Anise Global Gastrobar this past Monday, then you know it was buzzing with familiar faces as well as new comers. Paired with a welcoming gold grill smile and exclusive art by Cody Jitt Brodie third time was defiantly a charm.


This past month’s Wine and Rhyme line up featured a diverse mix of entertainment. Hip-hop performances from Prophit, Achilles The Conquerer, and Juni, kept the crowd pumped while the more poppy set from trio, Bendy Straw, brought the crowd together with their, quirky all be it relatable, songs.

Check some of the footy from This past Wine and Rhyme.


Finish this week how you started it, with The Young Parisians.  Stop by Crowbar tonight and check out what Asher is calling “the dopest beat battle in Tampa!” Don’t miss out on the South Florida Producers Showcase. Needles scratch at 8 pm with live music from Jose Casalon, 8 PE, and Blinsky. Also, there is a sweet $500 grand prize, SFPS 12 is sure to be lit.


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