Nico Sweet Interview

Her passion for empowering her melanin her brothers and sisters through prose has led her to our shore. Nico Sweet has only been in the bay area for a short period of time but the North Carolina transplant has already created her own wave. Her energetic performances, often accompanied by members of Macibision, command attention but it’s her enigmatic personality off stage that gives her an edge over most.


SC: How do you like the bay so far?

NS: I love my home; I will say that but you know when you deserve more. I love it here. I love that it’s always sunny and then when it is cloudy sun is still coming.

SC: Tells us about your relationship with MillI Moon and Ayo Mama?

NS: Both of them treated me like family but Milly didn’t like me at first because I gave her attitude from the start. It was the funniest thing cause like she barked back at me. But Ayo came with the rest of family like Macibision has treated me like they’ve known me and we met through Facebook. I’m not really besties with anybody on Facebook but since they’ve seen me and they met me it’s been like “come here, big sis”.

SC: How did you get into music?

NS: I was singing, writing poetry, you know that how it starts and then I thought let me give this rap thing a try. It’s a lot easier than trying to think of a hook and why should I be emotional and shit? I liked it a lot better.

SC: You remember your first rhyme?

NS: Oh my god, I just remember I wrote to that “Champion” beat from Kanye West. Shit, do I remember, though?……. Nope, haha.


SC: New music on the way?

NS: Okay so this is the plan, you’re getting the exclusive. I have two projects that I want to drop. The plan is I want my mixtape to be better than the album. My mixtape is going to be all new stuff and I want to drop the mixtape before the album. The mixtape should be called happy pills serurm. The album will be self-titled, Ocin ID EP.

Check out our interview with the very human Nico Sweet as she gives us exclusive details about her new projects, what keeps her going, and broth soups vs cream soups.

Make sure you guys go check out Nico Sweets performing live this Saturday at The Venture Compound. The set list is crazy, should be a great show.


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