Saturday Morning Visionary : $waggy J

Remember before Netflix when you had to be up Saturday mornings to catch that new episode of Yu-Gi-Oh. 18-year-old University of South Florida freshmen, Jay “$waggy J” Gonzalez remember vividly. A young student on his grind, J spends most of his time between classes and work nostalgically honing his craft.

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 11.14.23 AM.png

$waggy J incorporates his childhood visions of cartoons with the indulgences of living lavishly to produce his single “Cartoons”. This two-minute chill track from J leans more towards the dynamics of early 2000’s hip-hop although J states he likes to typically blend hip-hop with groovy r&b tones.

“My dad was a producer so growing up is was always around rappers and stuff, I started taking rapping it seriously around 7th grade. Before I was more nervous cause I knew if I wanted to do music it would have to go through my dad,” J said.

After moving to Tampa in the eighth grade J decided music was the path for him.

“At a younger age I probably wanted to be a baseball player, then when I hit middle school that wasn’t cool anymore, so then I wanted to be a basketball player, but then I didn’t grow anymore, I was like 5’8. (chuckles) I knew music was the way to go,” J said.


Way to go indeed, “Cartoons” is the first single from $waggy  J upcoming project Sorry For Your Loss is set to be released later this year.  As Far as “Cartoons” keep an eye out for the visual for the single coming soon.

“Hoes is singing like canary’s, wishing on me I’m no fairy.”

Listen to Cartoons from $waggy J.

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