Two years is only the beginning for The Young Parisians

_DSC7322I, personally, did not know The Young Parisians collective two years ago. Our journey with them only began in 2016 during The Young Parisians New York Take Over Parts 1, 2 & 3.

From then we’ve collaborated and produced another take over in Los Angeles.

From collective to business without forgetting community, in Part Three of The Young Parisians Takeover: Los Angeles, It’s hard to miss their work ethic, motivation, and support for each other. That support is rooted here in the bay area, and flourishes every first Monday.

Whether the previous month was good or bad, nothing feels more comforting than unwinding with friendly familiar faces.

Wine and Rhyme, I imagine, has always been a like a reoccurring Cheers episode for The Young Parisians. I’m sure whenever Mowglii walks into Anise Global Gastrobar he often gets “Woo-woo’d”, Much like Norman would get “norm’d”.


Join The Young Parisians tonight at Anise as they celebrate not a just a dedication to their craft but to creating an event where artists are invited to share, friends become family, and a community is united. The two years Wine and Rhyme anniversary start at 9:00. The evening will feature musical performances from Queen of Ex, Bizzy Crooks, Aych and New Mutiny with special guests all night. Only question is, what drink will you be getting tonight?


As always makes sure you follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Youtube for more content.

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