Savage City Zine Out Now!

It’s official I’m Back. The Four Horsemen Tour was beyond amazing. Loved getting to know all the guys that were able to come on the trip up the east coast. It’s almost indescribable to walk into a town barely knowing anyone and straight up taking over. But I’m not here to brag about how I got to see Wally Clark sing karaoke in Brooklyn, I’m here to tell you The very first issue of our Savage City Zine is now available for download.

page 4

Our May issue features exclusives from Noo$e and Nico Sweet. We also have links to tracks and visuals from a variety of artists from across Florida.

I’ve been working on a way to better capture how interconnected the bay area scene really is, so please check it out. Let know what you guys think. Download, share, leave us feedback.

page 7.jpg

Instead of asking what the city has done for you ask, What will you do for your city?

To download our zine click HERE.

As always makes sure you follow us on FacebookTwitter, Issuu and Youtube for more content.

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