The Four Horsemen Tour: Atlanta

Stop one of The Four Horsemen Tour starts places our four bay area bands deep in the heart of ATL. After the horsemen assembled at the Samurai Shotgun house in ATL for an icebreaker game of catch phrase, the gang (horsemen, women, everybody) decided to wind down by visiting The Graveyard Tavern in the East Atlanta Village for some much need 40’s.


Although The Graveyard may have provided me with insight on just how ridiculous the rest of The Four Horsemen Tour might just be, I would say it’s the antics and childlike behavior from the bands in ATL that set the tone for the rest of the trip. Good times with good people making for the trappings of a good tour.


Check out our recap of the ATL stop of The Four Horsemen Tour featuring music and appearances from

Wally Clark

Samurai Shotgun


Mic Deluxx

Rising Down

79 Sorcery

Kid loki

Sir Pap

The Txlips

Howling Star

Monica Delgado

and More

Who would you tour with if you could???

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