The Four Horsemen Tour: Knoxville

If you’ve ever found yourself curiously wondering what whiskey would do to a Horsemen? Knoxville would be the place to find out. _DSC2839.JPG

Stop number two on The Four Horsemen tour, the gang finds themselves at Scruffy City Hall. One of the most Visually stimulating venues I’ve ever had to opportunity to film at, The back alley to the venue was covered in artwork and the inside was basically a cathedral. I thought, to myself, there’s no better place for these guys to reek havoc.






Knoxville was culturally ambitious. The city was filled with delicious food, colorful graffiti to match their vibrant nightlife and cute bartenders who like to haggle before making you a “chilled” shot, as Achilles had to find out the hard way.





Check out how The Horsemen brought the apocalypse to Knoxville.

This stop features music and appearances from

Wally Clark

Samurai Shotgun


Mic Deluxx

Rising Down

79 Sorcery

Kid loki

And the cute bartender who made Achilles a chilled shot.

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