The Four Horsemen Tour: Asheville

I can’t imagine there are many things that can compare to watching your hometown musicians jam and rock a crowd or watching tour mates enjoy your music so much that they try to out sing you on your own song or watching the smoky mountains you know… be smoky. I saw the Smoky Mountains, they’re beautiful as f*ck. I’m not going to lie, not sure if  I ever wanted to leave.


(It wasn’t this picture exactly but you get the point.)

Asheville made the Horsemen feel really welcomed. The charming towns marriage of active brewery’s and mountainous wilderness put all the horsemen in an instantly buoyant mood.

The 79 Sorcery van arrived a few hours before we had to set up so immediately upon entering North Carolina we decided to go explored downtown with the help of a Tampa native turn Asheville local, Caroline.


Few things you should know about this chill mountain town.

  1. There was a sign on the freeway exit the read “Good Vibes”.
  2. Achilles only wears fur up there.
  3. The Grey Eagle has some AMAZING food. (Ask Prince Golden).Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 8.09.56 AM.png
  4. You can’t Tampa ANYWHERE. I mean ANYWHERE. _DSC3467


Basically because we take over.  We arrived at Asheville Music Hall shortly after our show. It’s Tuesday, it’s late, facts are facts we didn’t know what to expect. Lo and behold, this venue is running a Tuesday Night Funk Jam and it’s seriously popping, (and I don’t really use popping like that either.)

Within minutes Devon Gilbert, the bass player from Bangarang is up on stage, laying down some serious funk. Next thing I know, Tyler Mulder, Mic Deluxx, Senyo Fugar, and Kid Loki have joined him on stage.

I’m in the crowd, like

“Oh Shit.


Tampa in this bih!

Banga over everything!

813 baby.”

Then back to recording.

The night continued with the stage being blessed jam sessions involving Jovan Lecaro and Achilles and DJ Qeys was down stairs causing a ruckus on the turntables.

However, the one thing that happened in Asheville that I think most of us will never forget is the “No Brainer” Challenge.


Rising Down single “No Brainer” puts everyone’s vocal prowess to the test. Challenging those who try to match Sammy White’s ending vocal harmony. Although many horsemen did try, I considered some people’s harmony disconnected.

Thank you to The Grey Eagle for having us and Asheville Music Hall for letting us jam.

Check out how The Four Horsemen held it down for Tampa and stay tuned to see what happens when the tour touches down in Richmond, Virginia.

Do you think you can do “No Brainer” challenge? Let us know.

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