Deezy Wee The Reaper – Jetro (Cali Edition)

Deezy Wee The Reaper‘s “Jetro” was only released a few months ago but the single has been coast to coast and now has TWO, (count it, 1, 2) that’s right two music videos.


How do you know you’re one of the more highly regarded artists around the bay? When you have two different visuals filmed on different coasts for your one single.

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 4.44.50 AM

From the numerous Young Parisians Take Overs, the reaper, along with the help of composer Tyrone ‘Dibiase’ Beyobe, has successfully whammied the nation with a ear drums rattling bass line from the underworld.

As the two Parisians stew away collaborating to produced Deezy Wee’s highly aniticpated forth coming project, the fright night anthem continues to grow a life of it’s own.

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 4.35.31 AM.png

Video #1 (Tampa Edition)

Local director and 79 sorcery Co-founder Michael M Sinclair filmed a fire live performance of Deezy Wee at Anise located in downtown Tampa. The video is really sick, MMS is a magician at capturing raw energy in the moment. You can hear the crowds a passion and excitement pulsate above the music to the rhythm Beyobe has justifiably perfected.

Check out MMS X Jetro


Video #2 (California Edition)

A few months ago on the final night of The Young Parisians Take Over: L.A., Deezy along with the rest of The Young Parisians decided to spend their last night in California the only way they knew how. I’m not going to describe what they did, it’s all in the video, I’m just glad I was there to capture it all. This video also features guest cameos from Asher, Mike Mass, Vern SR., Beyobe, and Louis Junior.

I present to you the second video for Deezy Wee The Reapers ” Jetro” directed by your truly.

Above anything I think this just goes to show that out here, in the bay, it’s not a 79 Sorcery thing, or a YP thing or a Savage City thing. It’s bay area and that’s it, we’re all interconnected. We strive to support. We push one another to do better than we did yesterday. We are Tampa.

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