Here’s Your Chance To Help Bangarang Get To Brooklyn

Bangarang’s members have again and again displayed that they are individually as well as collaboratively talented. They possess a trait that I’ve only seen before in teams such as Ed Edd n Eddy, The Power Rangers and The Animaniacs.


Bangarang is stronger together because they wholeheartedly have each other’s best interest in mind. They aren’t afraid to venture to try something new and work hard while achieving their personal goals.

Yes, I wholeheartedly believe Seyno, Arsenio, Wes, Alex, Tyson, and Devon have a kickass mega banga zord somewhere. They are just waiting until Tampa needs them to bust it out. In the meantime, they need all of Tampa’s help. As a community we can achieve anything, the goal is to get these boys back to Brooklyn asap.


Theses Boys have been selected for a chance to play and destroy Afropunk Battle of the Bands Brooklyn. With the help of the bay area community I know Bangarang, along with Samurai Shotgun, can continue to show exactly what the Bay area has to offer, I mean besides the extremely beautiful women, amazing Cuban food, and endlessly pink sunsets on whatever shore.

Click on the Link below to help Bangarang get to Brooklyn.


To download our zine click HERE.

As always makes sure you follow us on FacebookTwitterIssuu and Youtube for more content.

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