The Txlips Band Interview + Performance

I think one of the best thing about The Four Horsemen Tour was exeriencing new local music from whatever state we happened to be traveling through. Atlanta has never shied away from producing great music content, so why start now?


The Txlips are an empowering all girl music ensemble. Incorporating elements of funk, hip-hop,  and indie rock. The Band creates the perfect fusion of sound to get spirited away.

After our Atlanta stop of the tour, I wasn’t the only person eager to see The Txlips bless the stage again. Laura “Kid Loki” Proenza, local musician, artist and promoter for The Bunker set up a show for The Txlips this past Saturday.

But like I said, I wasn’t the only person eager to watch the raw, organic energy that radiates from these girls. Tampa was truly eager to The Txlips, so much so that the girls played two shows in one night. One at The Bunker and the other at Lot 1901.

The girls shut down both Tampa shows, making it essential for them to come back to our shores to bless us once they drop that album. But between their busy schedules we’d got the pleasure of sitting with all four members and to discuss, their favorite out of town bands, day jobs and playing two(Count it. 1,2) two shows at Afropunk This year.

Check out our interview with The Txlips band Here:

Check out this special Txlips performance from The Bunker.

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