The Horsemen Ride On

The Four Horsemen have accomplished an outstanding amount of things since the end of the tour. The summer is heating up and it looks like they are too.

Tyler Mulder released a super chillwave single entitled “Uplifting”.

DJ Qeys released, D.E.A.D., His highly anticipated debut ep. Created after climbing out of a mental darkspace, the ep is flame and also features work from his Samurai Shotgun mates Tyler Mulder and Prince Golden.

Speaking of the devil


Prince Golden is holding it down like an A&R, scouting more dope artists and helping them get their music out to a wide audience like Grand Lotus.

19667460_10210028960300451_6308311386700022665_oNot to mention Golden continues to keep the hits coming on the 17th of every month. For the month of June we got “Everything About You”. I wonder what he’s got up his sleeve for this month???


Rising Down shared the stage at Crowbar with Hail The Sun. They were stoked, we were stoked for them.

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 4.45.52 AM

Achilles released a visual for “Pillars” featuring Khalea Lynee and directed by none other than MMS.

Click HERE to check out “Pillars” now.

Work hard play hard or as Charles Burns would say “stop being a little bitch, and just KEEP PUSHING!!!” Burns art and music continues on an upwards trajectory. He has had his art featured at Culture Connect as well as Basement Sessions. Soon (July 15) his work will be seen at the Remix gallery, an extension of the Basement Sessions.

For more info on where you can see Charles Burns art click HERE.

Wesley Bland of Bangarang release self-produced single “Blunt Burner” featuring Rising Down front man, Sammy White and Folk uke/guitar badass Kid Loki.

Last but not least, Bangarang is set to hold it down for Tampa at Afropunk Battle of the Bands Brooklyn.

Over all I think the biggest win is that Wally Clark stopped cursing out old blind people in parking lots.


So this Thursday let’s celebrate all their great feats with this quick recap of the miscellaneous time we shared in Baltimore during of The Four Horsemen Tour.

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