Bangarang Goes To Brooklyn

Savage City Blog support all of the talented artist coming from the Tampa Bay area as well as all of Florida. This past week, I companioned Alex Bowers, Seyno Fugar, Devon Gilbert, Tyson Gordon, Wesley Bland, and Arsenio Curry as they packed up their instruments and headed to New York for Afropunk Battle of the Bands Brooklyn.


Bangarang has continued an (almost) unspoken tradition around the bay area. Every year, one band from Tampa enters into Afropunk Battle of the Band. The first year was, Samurai Shotgun, next year was, Dea & Saint, this year Bangarang carried the torch all the way to The Knitting Factory. 

It’s just something we do, the bay area supports and votes, then connections are made, babies are kissed, and legends are born.


Regardless of the outcome, one thing remains true, when Tampa Bay travels, we always make a splash.


Bangarang rocked the crowd at the Knitting Factory, however, they didn’t get to advance to the next round of Afropunk’s Battle of the Bands.

A wise man once said, “when one door closes, a bar tab opens” < That wise man was me>.


The band didn’t let a bit of misfortune sour their time in the city. They ventured through the busy New York streets. They became friends with a friendly duo from Australia at a taco bar. That group of jolly travelers traded banter about their hometown and great rock and roll concerts for a few hours before parting ways.


The Bands then zig zagged from train to train until ultimately find a karaoke spot that also served pizza at 4 am.

Bangarang did New York the right way. These guys had a blast and managed to stray far from touristy traps of the big apple. Funny to think they did it all by sticking to what they know; the real fun is always near the watering hole.

All the bands that performed at Battle of the Band were dope but this band returned home with an optimistic urgency to get back to work on their new album. I can’t wait to hear what these guys cook up, until then Check out some exclusive footy from Bangarang’s trip to Brooklyn.


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