WLCM2KNXVLL Birthday Edition.

This is the day we’ve all been eagerly waiting for, like our own birthdays, many Bay Area natives have marked their calendars and readied themselves to enjoy shots of Crown Royal all night. This, however, is bigger than cutting the cake your mom baked. This is more like, let’s shut down St. Pete because Left Lane Ent. is presenting a special Welcome 2 Knoxville Birthday Edition and it’s happening tonight.


James Knox birthday was yesterday (Virgo season is upon us). The birthday wishes have poured in, and I do mean poured in, over the past 24 hours. From Wild 94.1 radio personality, Buckwheat, to affluent photographers and artists, were all more than psyched to wish Knox a pleasant bornday.

Whether it’s shutting it down at Rolling Loud Miami, or setting someone else up to be in a position where they can eat, the guy rightful deserves the name, King Knoxygen. He is a man of the people and the people know exactly where to be tonight, at The Bends.


King Knoxygen By Angelina Bruno


This Welcome 2 Knoxville will be like no other. If you know anything about Knox, you know he pushes everything he does to the limit and brings the Bay Area along for the ride. Supporting everything from Beatsnchill to Wine and Rhyme, it’s absolutely no surprise that everybody and their moms are counting down the hours until they’re off the clock and on the dance floor.

Left Lane Ent. has acquired Crown Royal as a sponsor for tonight festivities, all too fitting for a King. Also, this Birthday edition of Welcome 2 Knoxville will have multiple DJs spinning and keeping the royal dance-floor jumping. The only technique you should even sweat is whether or not you want to Milly Rock or Get Lite.

Regardless of your dance selection, the celebration pops off at 10. Don’t forget it’s a birthday must: get a photo and some shots with King Knox.


King Knoxygen at Rolling Loud by Angelina Bruno


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