Head To Head: Char Good

We at Savage City Blog are invested in more than the musicians on stage. We wonder about the graphic designers and venue owners, about the fashion designer set up in the back, the drip artist creating as somebody elevates on the mic and the pallet teaser who isn’t afraid to grab the mic._DSC2185

Influencers sort of have a way of being a strong heel in the community. They inspire through support alone. But often we only get a glimpse of what makes them so unique._dsc9833

In this new inspired series, we go head to head with the movers and shaker from all over the state to find out how they came to be so proficient in what it is they do.

Our first Head to Head guest is nearly impossible to miss if you live in the state of Florida. From a Miami beach art show to Orlando ragers, you or a friend has probably been to one of her parties or an event that she has hosted. Over the past year, she has worked hard to build her name into a trusted brand for good vibes and entertainment. A serious Jack of all trades, She’s got musicality, business mind set, and a fashion forward vision on life. We are of course talking about Char Good, model, host, and business student with the most.


Check out Char Good’s take on music, jobs, and life in general.

If you can’t get enough of Char Good from our Head to Head, She will be hosting Cocktails + Couture tonight at One80 Skytop Lounge.


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