Watch: Noo$e Serf

Love it or hate it, Florida based rapper, Noo$e, is Serfing on his haters with his new video. The track properly titled “$erf” comes just days after the rapper released a snippet of the visuals on Twitter.

The snippet featured the rapper surfing waves with Tampa based rapper, Vern SR.  I’m sure anyone who follows these two closely knows the caliber of production between the two musicians, but together …on another level. I mean how smooth can a collaboration be?Thinking_Face_Emoji_grande

Let’s (Check)

Breakfast Club II rapper, Vern SR. (Check)Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 2.50.07 AM.png

CGI Pikachu surfboard (Check)

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 2.41.09 AM.png

Noo$e Pronounces “bike” as back  (smilelaughThat is so Tampa Check)

Karaoke Lyrics, because you know I like to read. (Check)Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 2.51.13 AM

The duos bars compliment each other’s well. Noo$e’s upbeat delivery paired with Vern SR. catch me if you can lyrical approach gives the collaboration a nonchalant, just chilling enjoying the day, bitch don’t kill my vibe, cool cat not afraid of water, Johnny Tsunami type vibe. That vibe matches both rappers personality quite well.

Check out the visual for “$erf” directed by Flex Martian below.

Want to know more about Noo$e?

Awesome! We’ve got you covered.thumbs-up-medium-dark-skin-tonethumbs-up-medium-dark-skin-tonethumbs-up-medium-dark-skin-tone

A few months ago we had a chance to chat with Noo$e and find out more about where he is from his work ethic and more. You can check out that article below or by clicking Here.

Leave a comment and let us what you think of “Serf” from Noo$e ft. Vern Sr.

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