One Thing That Spoke Out To Us The Most About This Week Is…

One thing that spoke out to us the most about this week is the Irma memes.

We know everyone’s experiencing conflicting emotions about the next couple of days. Throughout the hysterical and the hysterics one thing seems very clear to us. If Tampa is going down, we’re going down Tampa style.

Not to say we aren’t taking into consideration how life-threatening Irma is but more like we’re the band from Titanic that never missed a beat.

We prepared, we shopped, we panicked, we shopped some more, we fueled up, we traveled, some traveled back here to be with family, we laughed and remained together throughout it all. Syncopated, never a section off beat and we can only hope to keep that positivity in the wake of Irma.

From all of us at Savage City Blog, be safe.

If you’re evacuating or plan to, be safe.

If you’re staying home with your pets, family members, and other loved ones, be safe.

If you’re seeking refuge in a shelter, be safe.

Regardless of our situations, we will make it through this together.

We’re Family. Be good to yourselves and be good to each other.

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