Look: Tampa Take Overs

Many of you may see this picture and just see two light skin fellas at Crowbar posing for a photo-op, but what we see is so much deeper.

So what’s so special about this photo?

Besides the complete accuracy of these rapping doppelgangers there, for us at least, is the nostalgic sentiment within the photo. It is the reason we cherish the relationships we’ve formed around the Tampa Bay community.

This photo of Drew “Mowglii” Brown from the hip hop collective Young Parisians and Mateo “Prince Golden” Henley from Samurai Shotgun remaking a photo of rappers Vic Mensa and J. Cole is as hysterical as it historical for us.

Both musicians are insanely in sync with the many sounds spewing from the bay. Even with their endlessly busy schedules, they work harder to take Tampa to newer heights. From Wine & Rhyme to Hiphopalooza and YP Take Overs to The Four Horsemen Tour, they’ve proven that with open minds, open ears, and open mics we can take our love for the 813, national.

What we see in this photo is the culmination of what SavageCityBlog has always been about, community.  Looking at this picture of these two pioneering members of different tribes we are reminded, even if it’s one day at a time, together we can make it happen.

So yes, I guess you can say we did it for the culture a time or two.


Please feel free to join us on this walk down memory lane as we revisit the Young Parisians Take Overs and The Four Horsemen tour.

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