Look: Trap & Soul Photo Recap

Last nights Trap & Soul was beyond litty. We are convinced the best way to shake those Irma blues is to get together with drinks, laughter, chicken, and James “King Knoxygen” Knox spinning on another levelman-dancing_1f57a _DSC2365

If you weren’t able to make it out to Iberian Rooster for Left Lane Ent present Trap & Soul, we got you. This photo recap will hopefully help illustrate the amount of dance floor raging that occurred last night.


All of the acts had great stage presence and phenomenal crowd control. From The opening performer, Ari Chi, to the last, Trumanie Lamar.

Those in attendance also got to check out artist, Tyrone ‘Dibiase’ Beyobe aka Beyo, create some of that new new that we mentioned he might be sketching up.

One of the livest moments from last night was this crazy cypher. The band held a tight groove and the microphone was blessed by so much talent it was hard to decipher if the next soul to touch it would blow you away by singing or rapping or scatting, ( Insert teaser here… but that’s for a different post). smilelaughsmilelaughsmilelaugh

Anywho check out our photo recap from Left Lane Ent. presents Trap & Soul below. backhand-index-pointing-down-medium-dark-skin-tonebackhand-index-pointing-down-medium-dark-skin-tonebackhand-index-pointing-down-medium-dark-skin-tone





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