Listen: Rich Latta’s Family Music Life

What’s cool about Rich Latta’s music?

His stories are the root of his latest project Family Music Life. This Tampa Bay rapper, producer, & engineer has been releasing music for over two years.

FML is a step away from the drug-induced bars we’re used to hearing. Instead, Latta fills his tracks with rhymes about daily routines and life’s trivial pursuit or purpose.

From “Early Morning Dreaming” a track brimming with the optimism of a new man with a new hustle to the disco-inspired “Daddy Cool”, Latta’s FML features a variety of instrumentals with varying topics.

The sample-heavy “I Miss Rocafella” is definitely for any Roc-a-fella Records fans secretly hoping Dame Dash and Jay-z buried the hatchet. The lyrical content definitely sends you to a nostalgic era when “H to the Izzo” was used more than swag and your pants had to be at least two sizes too big.

With 45 on the loose again this past weekend, referring to Athletes who stand up for what they believe in as “sons of bitches”, we found ourselves listening to “Letter To Kaepernick” a lot.  21167177_10156046040196111_1711599019053205188_o.jpgz9THacSoVs9S19FvELDaojJV.jpeg

A track dedicated to American football quarterback, Colin Kaepernick. The bass whipped, boom bap flexed with a tinge on MF Doom the instrumental is a neck snapper.

Don’t get us wrong there are still some 808 laced tracks with high hats and complex piano chords to get you geeked up like bonus track “We Different” ft. Alex E Miller.

 (Around 2:23, the intro on the third verse gave us the biggest Tupac chills. )

 One of our favorite thing about this album though was Latta’s “don’t you want to sound rich?” tags.smilelaughsmilelaughsmilelaugh

Overall Family Music Life gives the listeners a great sense of who Rich Latta is behind the bars and production.  We give it a 4/5.

Check out Rich Latta’s Family Music Life below.

Tags us with your favorite Rocafella Track. We want to know which Roc member you f*cked with the most.

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