Listen: 3 Songs You Need In Your Life

Happy hump day!!!

Monday – one day

Tuesday – twos day

Wednesday – three day

Here are three songs you should be bumping today.

First up, From the Macibision camp YZM “Slits & Splits” ft. Cloudmaster Price & Tune Da Poet.

Red Dot



Yzm, who is prone to constantly switching it up lyrically, linked up with two different bay area artists for this track. You have to admire an artist who does whatever it takes to achieve the right vibe on a track.


YZM focuses the struggles of not fully being able to comprehend one’s current experience, physically and mentally.

As Tampa Bay rapper, Robb Gats, would probably say, “The public shaming of men for their emotions is a brick in the foundation for the vicious cycle of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse.”

“Slits & Splits” represents the many crest and trough that comes with living on a wave, which in this industry happens to be a majority of us.

Speaking from the heart though, we’ve been waiting YZM to drop Yellxw so we can go ape.


Listen to Yzm – “Slits & Splits” below.


Second, SMOKKEYWELLS – “Fever” ft. Nova Nick.


Can one ever really say boom bap is dead?

Like when will we stop actually caring about lyrically content?

These are real questions!!!

On this 3 min nodded to the progressive era, SMOKKEYWELLS and man around town Nova Nick go tit for tat over a dope Madlib production.

So right off that bat you should know

  • there’s no mumbling
  • probably a couple mentions of kitchen appliances attached to their hips.

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 12.10.43 PM

<Toaster off the hip

Pan on the hip

Stove on the hip

Sink on the hip>

The contrast between Nick’s more aggressive attack style and WELLS chill, direct approach complement each other verses nicely as cinematic string progressions matches the cold smoke atmosphere.

Check out “Fever” from SMOKKEYWELLS and Nova Nick now.

Last but definitely not least,

James Diotic – “My Day” ft. HMTWN

It’s been about a month since Diotic released his highly anticipated project The Rapture. We’ve all had plenty of time to decided which track is our favorite.


We’ve been in the mood for well….. mood altering music.

Something to sonically elevate us throughout the day and there’s something so relatable on the collaboration between James Diotic and HMTWN.

Diotic, of course “We remember playing Kanye”.

“we still outkasts all day!!!”


Diotic isn’t afraid to play with his rhythm while maintaining his story’s progression. This tracks positive blend of head in the clouds haziness and turning your frown your upside down, resonates with the dreaming small child within us all.

Although this track is from the children it feels for the children somehow.

Let us know, what your favorite song from James Diotic’s The Rapture?

Listen to “My Day” from James Diotic below.

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