Look: Young Parisians Take Over One Year Later

Elephant in the room and we just got talk about it.



It’s been a bit over a year, yes three hunnid and sixty-five days (give or take) since the Young Parisians Take Over: NYC.

Yep that’s the one.

Scroll back up if you need to…..

I’ll wait. 3d50e270-fd8c-0132-4f98-0ec273752cbd3d50e270-fd8c-0132-4f98-0ec273752cbd3d50e270-fd8c-0132-4f98-0ec273752cbd

We know, we know it hard to grasp, in a year so much has happened to the wild bunch from the swamp lands who took on the streets of New York.

There has been ….

Culture Connects

12 Wine & Rhymes (quick math, s/o to Big Shaq)

Battle of the bands

GMF trolley performances

Song writing showcases

Hurricane relief trips

West coast take overs

East coast take overs (We miss you Luke Lauren)

And who knows how many albums in the making.

We understand y’all busy, however we’re taking the back one good time to the place where it all began.

Let’s get a good look at the players

Mike Mass


These two are real characters, Proper Jones & Mowglii

Asher B

Marv Illest

Travis Lavoe

Wesley Bland

Artis Shi

And Of course Mr. Luke Lauren.

Location : Brooklyn.

Real World style, seriously all that was missing was a little confession room. Not as much drama as MTV likes but just enough shenanigans to keep you well entertained. The energy was electric.

There was drinking,_DSC0671.jpg

eating, partying,_DSC0540.jpg

eating, working, traveling,

eating, a ridiculous amount of sleeping on the floor while there were open beds,_DSC0788.jpg

eating, oh and eating.


To be fair one does work up a mean appetite on the streets of New York, but we prevailed for the chopped cheese.


Along the way we had some ups and downs like, someone lost their wallet on the subway. Thanks to a good Samaritan, the wallet was returned to it’s the owner. Shouts out to you, good Samaritan, and yeah we prevailed on that one.


Or during the Art of Rap event, we didn’t let technical difficulties hold us back. Instead, we humbled our voices and let the artists shine.

Beatbox and funky rhymes, from graffiti covered rooftops.

The Dutch call it “heersend” I like to call that prevailing.

Together we got through an intensely amazing experience together.  All of us came out the other side with not only new friendships but memories that will mostly likely last a lifetime.

So more time just for old times’ sake, The Young Parisians Take Over : NYC edition.



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